The Life I Lead

by James Kettle

Jonathan Church Productions UK Tour

Director                         Selina Cadell

                                      & Didi Hopkins

Lighting Designer          Matt Eagland

Sound Designer            Eliza Thompson

Costume Supervisor     Mary Charlton


Lee Newby's set is the perfect accompaniment; the blue sky and white fluffy cloud backdrop forms the basis of a colour scheme for the rest of the set, with its blue curtains, dappled blue and white furniture, and a blue and white checkerboard floor - it brings to mind a person with their head in the clouds, as well as harking back to Tomlinson's love of flight.”



"Set design was stunning, emanating the colours and famous scenes from vibrant Disney film Mary Poppins.... The light blue and cream set was dressed with an arm chair, a small wooden chair, ladder, phone, bowler hats and an umbrella giving it a quintessential English feel with a touch of magic. Curtains at either side of the set cleverly showed the tops emanating that of a stage set instead of attempting to appear realistic."

Camilla Joyce


"Lee Newby's witty Magritte-inspired set was right on so many levels - the bowler hats; the door; the heavenly blue theme and clouds referencing David Tomlinson's time as a pilot..... More than that, though, Magritte's work is known for challenging observers' preconditioned perceptions of reality, which chimes with the aim of Miles Jupp and James Kettle that people [will] come away thinking, I never knew he had a life like that."

Remote Goat