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Theatre Royal Windsor


Ben Allen, Francesca Annis, Frances Barber, Llinos Daniel, Alis Wyn Davies, Ashley D Gayle, Alison Halstead, Jonathan Hyde, Nick Howard-Brown, Asif Khan, Lee Knight, Missy Malek, Ian McKellen, Jenny Seagrove. 


Set Designer 

Costume Designer 

Lighting Designer 

Sound Designer

Wigs and Make-up Designer

Assistant Director


Company Stage Manager

Deputy Stage Manager 

Production Manager 

Produced by 


Photographed by 

Sean Mathias

Lee Newby

Loren Elstein

Zoe Spurr

Adam Cork

Suzanna Paretz

Sophie Drake

Siân Wiggins

Rebecca Maltby

Anthony Hollis

Bill Kenwright Ltd

Theatre Royal Windsor

Marc Brenner

Lee Newby's scaffold-like set, draped in shades of grey and black, makes an imposing presence, enhanced by Zoe Spurr's spectral lighting and

The Times 


The Theatre Royal has the freedom and flexibility of the Globe, with onstage seating for a group of punters. McKellen is agog with eagerness and whirls around the gantries and walkways designed with flair by Lee Newby. 

The Independent


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