by Ben Pasek and Justin Paul

Southwark Playhouse

Director                         Matt Ryan

Choreography               Lucie Pankhurst

Lighting Designer          Howard Hudson

Hair & Wig Designer     Diana Estrada

Costume Supervisor     Pippa Batt

Props Supervisor          Lizzy Gethins

"Along with elements of Pasek and Paul's score, set/costume designer Lee Newby plays a major part in bringing the era to life the Golden Gate Bridge backdrop on which the band resides is hugely effective."

The Stage

"Lee Newby's costumes are rather more spot-on -- including Rose's perfectly ghastly ballgown, a maroon horror with the appearance of a glistening slice of raw liver and a boiled cabbage accent."

Exeunt Magazine

"Lee Newby's impressive stage design is dominated by a huge metal structure resembling the Golden Gate Bridge that runs along the side of the auditorium, complete with lights to provide a romantic atmosphere."

UK Theatre